What's new at Dayton Parts?
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Company Update:
Promotion - Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Dayton Parts is proud to partner with DOLECO-USA to offer special pink “Truck for the Cure” straps to support breast cancer awareness in the month of October.

Brake & Wheel:
Disc Brake Air Chambers
All Dayton Parts brand air disc chambers have the following features:

Brake & Wheel:
New Product - New Caliper Replacement
Dayton Parts New Meritor EX225H2 Replacement Caliper

New Product - Drag Links and Cross Tube Assemblies
43 New Part Numbers.

New Suspensions - Product Available
New Suspension coverage for the Ridewell RDS209 (GENI) and Watson & Chalin SL Series.

New Product - 3 in 1 Cable Assembly
Dayton Parts is excited to announce the addition of a 12ft. length option to our 3-in-1 Air/Electric cable and hose assemblies.

Utility Trailer:
Product Line Expansion
Dayton Parts is pleased to announce an expansion of our utility trailer parts offering with brake and wheel products.